EastView Community Partnerships


EastView Elementary School

Partnership Program



EastView has several school and community partnerships formed to support both the academic and related arts programs. Master Partnership plans are established to provide resources and programs to enhance educational opportunities for all students. They are also designed for the school community to support the community partner in a variety of ways, establishing positive relationships among students, parents and staff.


Major Objectives

  • 1. To provide incentives for students to continuously strive for good attendance and good grades.
  • 2. To provide recognition items for students who are recognized for good character.
  • 3. To provide rewards for students who achieve their goals in the Accelerated Reader Program.
  • 4. To create a partnership that enables personnel from the educational and business world to interact and accomplish common goals.
  • 5. To increase recognition and patronage of Master Partners by faculty, parents and students.


EastView Partnerships

EastView GSIA 


BTL Industries                                                 


Greeneville Parks and Recreation               


Tusculum College Athletic Department

Fraternal Order of Police

Heritage Gardens

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts