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Accelerated Reader
Due Date: 8/14/2017
Subject: Fourth Grade Reading

The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program has been purchased by Greeneville City Schools as a supplement to the Reading curriculum.  It is a great tool to reinforce reading comprehension and fluency.  

Students are tested on the STAR Reading Computer Program at the beginning of the school year, at the middle, and end of the year to determine their reading level (ZPD). Students should check out books from the library according to their reading level (ZPD) and read their books at home for at least 20 minutes (or more) each day.

Each nine weeks, AR Goals are set according to each student's ZPD.  When taking AR tests that accompany their library books, students should score a minimum of 85% to earn their AR points.

Read, read, read!  Readers are Leaders!  :-)

Parts of Speech
Due Date: 8/14/2017
Subject: Fourth Grade Language


Click on the url below to enjoy a video about CONJUNCTIONS.  :-)






4th Grade Ongoing Assignments
Due Date: 8/5/2017
Subject: Fourth Grade Reading

Please check your child's backpack for homework(see Assignment
Book) and notes that may be sent home. Also, check your child's accordion folder for handouts and graded work.  Thank you!


To also help improve communication, please sign up for Remind 101.

How to Sign Up for Remind101:

Text the following message to the number below.

Text @ev4



(Check Assignment Book for test dates in case there is a change.)

The 4th Grade ELA (Reading, English, Writing) will include a basal
Reading Text, various novels, and many other books with a focus on specific genres.   
When working on Reading homework, stop frequently and
ask each other questions to reinforce reading comprehension.  Talk about
vocabulary meaning.

Students are also encouraged to read Accelerated Reader books.
The Accelerated Reading Program has been updated so students now have
individualized AR goals according to his/her reading level (ZPD). 

We will be enjoying Book Reports and other Reading and Writing projects throughout the year, too. 

The more students read, the easier it is for them to understand ALL subject

Reading is at the Heart of everything we do!

Please call me during planning(12:30-1:30) or before (7:30-8:00) or after
school(after 3:15) if you have any questions concerning your child's
progress this year.

Thanks for your help!

Mrs. Amos