Daniece McAmis Staff Photo

What is Mrs. McAmis Reading? 

January, 2013

     Over Christmas break, Reed and I decided to read The Hobbit together.  I had read the book in high school and was happy to read it again with my 13 year old.  My favorite part has always been "riddles in the dark" with Gollum.  It was fun to share this with Reed.  We've not been to see the movie yet.  I'm not anxious to go because I'm almost always disappointed with the on-screen version of great stories.

     Ada Kayte is going through a fun "Fancy Nancy" stage right now. We've been reading several of these books by Jane O'Connor.  If you have a young diva, you should try this series of books.  Nancy loves jewelry, tutus and fancy words.  It's a fun way to expand your little one's vocabulary.