Morning Drop Off
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Friday, February 03, 2017
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Parents, please remember to follow our school procedures during morning drop off. We have had a few instances lately causing us concern because we feel like it puts our students at risk. Please remember the following:

¨ Do not pass cars waiting in line to drop off their children. Children may exit their car on the street side and be in front of you before you know it. Children should exit their car on the building side whenever possible.

¨ Please have your child ready to exit your car as soon as you reach the drop off area. If they are re-packing their backpack, getting notes signed or trying to finish their breakfast this causes a delay for everyone and prompts some drivers to feel the need to drive around you. If you need to do these things, find a parking spot away from the car line, finish your routine and then walk them to the door.

¨ There are 5-6 different spots along the porch/walkways both front and back where your child can unload. You don’t have to wait until you are at spot # 1 to unload. Dropping off at the multiple drop zones means 5-6 cars are unloading at the same time and will keep the line moving safely and efficiently. At this time of the year, most students should be able to walk to the door by themselves. If you think your child needs assistance, again, find a parking spot and walk your child to the door.

¨ Please don’t ever let your child walk across the drive and through the car line unsupervised. If you park at the Rec. Center or in the gravel lot out back, walk your child across the driveways, through the car lines and until they are safely on the porch/walkway.

¨ Please always drive slow and be extra alert anytime you are on campus for drop off or dismissal. Even with adult supervision, you never know when a child may dart in front of you.     


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