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Welcome to Music!

3rd & 4th Spring Program
Our Spring Program will be on Thursday, March 21. We will have two performances, at 9:00 for the students and at 12:00 for the parents. 
System Wide Concert
Saturday, April 6th
2:30-4:30: Rehearsal at NPAC
4:30: Doors will open
5: Concert
Microsoft Teams
All 3-5 grade classes are using Microsoft Teams in music.
They can either go through launchpad and click on Office 365 and log-in OR they can click on students on the EastView page and then click Office 365 and log-in. 
They use their email and password. Their email is the first 3 letters of their last name, the year they will graduate and the first 3 letters of the first name then the domain, @
Their password is their lunch number and gcgc
ex. 0000gcgc