July 2021 GSIA Minutes

GSIA Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm


Jennifer Seemuth, President; Amanda Parker, Treasurer; Kelly Ford, Principal

I. Minutes were not approved because lack of voting and members and secretary to report.

II. Treasure report was not approved because report and former treasurer not present.

III. Bank account: Motion was made by Amanda Parker, to add the president along with her name and Holly McGaw to the treasurer report.

IV. Open House is 08/23 (Monday) from 5-7 pm; We need a video from GSIA (2-3 min), membership table $10 for family, sell t-shirts, volunteer sign up.

V. Mrs. Ford presented a need for third grade classroom cubbies and asked for $200 from GSIA to defer the $550 cost. A motion was made by Amanda Parker to donate this amount to the group.

VI. A motion was made by Amanda Parker for previous years Eastview t-shirts to be sold for $12.00 at the Open House

Voting Items:

New T-shirt Marketing- vote to be made either via email or board meeting to be set prior to Open House.

Presentation by John Kilday, Promo Market: Go to website; Ordermygear.com; Go to Resources; Samples; Spirit Wear Stores; Catalog for shopping; As you order you can add on donation(s) buttons to the order for the fundraiser.

Fundraising for school:

John mentioned that we would need to price it off of what we anticipate selling. Gear toward the low quantity and as the quantity of sales go up then the cost for us goes down.

Catalogs were presented; 100% pre-shrunk; Cost for design or style design (embroidery) will be emailed to Jennifer Seemuth. Prices were requested for: T-Shirts (2 styles), Pullover hoodie, Computer Carrying bag,

There are some set up charges for the products which will be included in the price of the item.

Prices are determined and then you pay $25 charge to set up the website. To view possible logo ideas please visit Shutterstock.com (look over to left of page) select “All images” and then choose “vectors” then type “Wildcat” or whatever logo idea you may have. Once a logo is selected, we would give the ID number of the logo and it would be a $10.00 fee to create a file to create products with that logo.