February 2021 GSIA Minutes

Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting

Date: February 1, 2021

Time: 5:30 PM

Attendees: Michelle Garret, Jill Sinclair, Alex Sponcia, Jenna Hammons, Dawn Yokley, Matthew Marion, Jessica Payne, Kelly Ford, Crystal Jessee, Dawn Campbell

Meeting Items:

1. Treasurer’s Report balance is $7,283.88 after check clears for $50 (RE: School Board Appreciation Gift Cards)

a. Dawn Yokley states that all board members must approve and sign treasurer’s report effective immediately

b. Jenna motioned to Approve, Matthew Second

2. Reviewed Meeting Minutes from previous semester.

a. Matthew motioned to approve, Jenna second

3. Michelle Garrett discussed the resignation of Crystal Landeck; potential Member at Large nomination needed.

4. Valentine Grams:

a. Jesse law firm donated candy

b. Information and orders are ready to go out to students; school is currently closed due to weather

5. Read-a-Thon Fundraiser

a. Mrs. Ford reviewed meeting minutes from staff meeting Friday, January 29th, 2021 regarding Read-a-Thon

b. Envelopes need to be ordered and prepared for distribution; including marketing fliers and school cast

i. EDGE students by February 18th; all other students by February 26th for Kick Off

c. Kick Off video to be prepared by Alex Sponcia and Jill Sinclair

d. Decorations to be prepared and displayed in the school by Jenna H., Matt M., and Jessica P.

e. Budget and planning for prizes to be prepared and discussed for board voting by February 4th

i. Jill S. and Alex S. to come up with prize tiers, amounts, and requirements

ii. Jessee Law Firm to donate pizza for class level winners

f. Student/Teacher goals to be established by March 2nd

g. Links for resources to be established via Canvas

h. Guest Readers to be determined – Andy McCall to coordinate

i. Dress up/Staff Spotlight

j. Fun activities – maybe decorate face masks in Art?

k. Fundraiser theme is The Great Escape

l. Read-a-Thon to take place March 3rd – Match 10th

m. Turn in Money/Envelopes March 10th-11th

6. Next Board Meeting

a. Jill S, Alex S, Michelle G to meet February 4th to discuss prizes and video timelines

b. Board to meet February 8th to vote on prize budget, discuss and establish volunteers and dedicated roles for implementing Read-a-Thon

Meeting Adjourned by Jenna H.