Trespassing Signs to Be Added at All Greeneville City Schools Campuses

Safety is always paramount districtwide at Greeneville City Schools.  “The safety and well-being of our students and educators is always at the forefront of each and every decision we make,” said Beverly Miller, Assistant Director of Schools for Administration.  “We continually seek and implement strategies and programs to improve school safety and security. It is our belief that clear, persistent communication is one of the keys to successfully protecting our people and our property.”

According to Tennessee state law, TCA 49-6-2008,

“In order to maintain the conditions and atmosphere suitable for learning, no person shall enter onto school buses, or during school hours, enter upon the grounds or into the buildings of any school, except students assigned to that bus or school, the staff of the school, parents of students and other persons with lawful and valid business on the bus or school premises.”

Though Greeneville City Schools encourages community support of our schools, visitors to any school campus need to understand and follow proper protocols to be on campus. 

By the end of next month, when you visit any Greeneville City school campus you will find new signage stating,

“Only parents/guardians and others with official business are allowed on school campus when children are present.”

Steve Starnes, Director of Schools, said; “We take the job of being guardians of our students and educators very seriously.  This is one of many ongoing security measures we have implemented districtwide in our efforts to provide a safe and secure learning environment.”

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