Let's Speed Up Our Carlines!

HELP US to HELP YOU! We can speed up the carlines by working together.

1. Be ready to depart with everything packed and ready berfore you enter the car line.

2. Say your goodbyes before your child is ready to exit the car.

3. Quickly move onto the sidewalk so you are safe and the next car can unload.

4. Unload 3-4 cars at a time. Once your car is at sidewalk or carport, unload. Front and back is supervised.

5. If you need to take something to the nurse or the secretary, park in the FRONT and enter through the office.

6. No parents allowed beyond the front foyer/office. You must check in as a visitor if you need to go beyond that point. No one allowed through the back.

5. DO NOT PASS UNLOADING CARS. Cars unload on both sides and this is NOT safe.



1. Make sure your child knows where to go afterschool; Bus, Front, Back, or YMCA


3. Load and then park to secure seat belts. Seat belts are difficults for younger kids. We don't want your child to be unsafe or fo you to feel rushed so park and then take your time.

4. Don't arrive too early. Arriving early causes traffic on Bernard and Barton Ridge. 3:05-3:10 is a perfect time arrive and the line is moving at this point.

5. Back Riders in Grades 2-5 may be picked up in gravel lot. If you choose this option, it should be used daily so we know which line to load the kids. We call this group "cross-overs" because they cross the road with Mrs. Ford and walk to their cars.

Students with younger siblings in grades k-1 may not use this option.

6. Do not pass LOADING cars.