Afternoon Pick-up

Front and Back are open for dismissal. Car lines for waiting open at 2:30 pm. Anyone arriving before then will be asked to leave school property.


We start dismissing students approximately 3:05-3:30. If you don't want to wait in line, 3:15 is a perfect time to arrive.


BACK RIDERS- Gravel lot is an additional car line that you may choose to use. This needs to be a daily routine so we know who to load for this alternative line. Kindergarten students may not use this option for safety reasons.



WE NEED TO MOVE QUICKLY DURING DISMISSAL. WE ARE DOUBLING THE AMOUNT OF STUDENTS THAT WE ARE DISMISSING EACH DAY. If your child has trouble with buckling, you may pull into a parking spot to check your child's seat belt before entering the main roads.


*Practice buckling and unbuckling seat belts with your child.


PASSING - Cars may not pass any cars or any bus in the car lines.


NO CELL PHONE USAGE - Stay focused, there are students moving around you.