As we prepare for all in-person students to return this week, we would like to ask you to help keep our morning car line moving.


  • Just like during afternoon pick up, 3 or 4 students can be dropped off at the same time; be sure to utilize the entire porch or sidewalk for dropping off your child.
  • Have your child get their belongings together and say their goodbyes as soon as you arrive in the car line so that they are ready to go when it is your turn.
  • Pull into a parking spot or circle around again if you need extra time.
  • No passing is allowed in the car line once it is moving
  • We ask that you share this important information with anyone who might drop your child off at school.
  • No cell phones - Stay focused, there are students moving around you.
  • Please remember to be courteous and respectful to others.



Bus Riders- Due to more students riding the bus, your bus arrival time may be different. Please be watching and waiting for your bus.


Breakfast- Free breakfast will be served 2nd- 5th in cafe /Prek-1st will eat in classrooms


Tardies- Students are tardy at 8:15 am k-5 and 8:35 prek (5 unexcused tardies equal 1 unexcused absence)


*Practice buckling and unbuckling seat belts with your child.