Scholastic Book Fair

EastView is gearing up for an exciting “Enchanted Forest” bookfair September 10-14! We know your child will find some great books to help them discover the magic of reading. If you want to shop with your child, the book fair will be open from 7:30-8:05 in the mornings and from 3:05-3:30 each afternoon. We will have extended hours Monday night during the open house until 7:00, and you can always send money so your child can shop during the school day.


We are especially excited about a new Scholastic shopping tool called ‘e-wallet’.  Using your credit or debit card you can add a specified amount of money to your child’s e-wallet, and he or she can spend up to that amount.  If they don’t spend the entire amount, your card is ONLY charged for the amount they spend. This is also a SUPER way to let family from out of town support our fair as your child can have multiple e-wallets from different sources. You may print the e-wallet for your student, or we can see each student’s e-wallet at our register. This is going to be a great way to send ‘money’ without worrying about getting it lost!


Another change we are excited about is a new ‘round-up’ feature. We will be rounding up purchases to the next dollar amount and all extra change will go to Scholastic’s All for Books fund to provide a book for ALL EastView students who might not be able to purchase books from the bookfair. In addition, we will also be collecting change to help fund books for all students. Next week we will have a classroom contest and students will be asked to bring pennies on Tuesday, nickels on Wednesday, dimes on Thursday, and quarters on Friday. The classroom that brings the most change will earn free books for their classroom library.