Snow Closing Information
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Tuesday, December 05, 2017
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Stay Informed!

The decision to close schools or delay opening due to snow or icy conditions is sometimes a difficult one to make, but can be aided by having an effective plan in place.


When bad weather occurs, we will make every effort to announce our plans for the day by 6:00 a.m. Unfortunately, a one- or two-hour delay in opening may be necessary to give additional time for streets to improve or to study the weather a little longer.

Following are the procedures we will follow:

Closings and/or Delays

Step 1:

Phillip Graham, Plant Operations Manager, will notify me at approximately 4:00 a.m. if there is any question regarding weather conditions. At that time, he will begin to examine streets. The police department, emergency management agency, weather bureau(s), highway patrol, and others will be contacted as deemed necessary.


Step 2:

If Phillip has a concern regarding streets and/or parking lots, he will call me by 5:00 a.m. At that time, we will convene at the Central Office. (Phone communication may be substituted for this meeting as appropriate or necessary.)


Step 3:

Our options will normally be to close for the day or to open one or two hours late; late openings will be subject to review at 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. prior to buses beginning their routes.

Step 4:

If possible, principals are expected to arrive at schools as usual to check for students that may have been dropped off by parents who didn’t hear the news or to help coordinate delay or closing activities. Principals should have to be at the school for only a couple of hours if school is called off for the day.



Early Dismissal

Step 1:

A decision will be made as quickly as possible in order to ensure the safety of the children, parents, and staff.

Step 2:

When possible, a thirty-minute notice will be given to the transportation department to give time for drivers to reach their buses and begin routes.

Step 3:

As soon as a decision is made, schools and media outlets will be notified. Parents will be informed that children may be picked up before buses run. High school students that drive will be dismissed immediately.

Step 4:

Elementary students will be picked up and taken home first by the buses. Following elementary routes, middle school and high school routes will be run.




A. Decisions about early dismissal and the “next day” will be made as soon as possible and announced; please encourage parents and staff to check the radio, TV stations, or our web site rather than call the school or central office. Decisions will be released to the media as soon as they are made.


B. In order to prepare the public for school closing or delayed opening, please include the following information in one of your newsletters to parents.


1. Greeneville City Schools closing and delayed opening information may be heard on any of the following radio and television stations (the information will also be posted on our web site):


RADIO Frequency City

WGRV/WSMG 1340/1450 AM Greeneville

WIKQ 103.1 FM Greeneville

WQUT 101.5 FM Johnson City


WBIR CH 10 Knoxville

WJHL CH 11 Johnson City

WCYB CH 5 Bristol

WATE CH 6 Knoxville


Greeneville Sun Greeneville


2. The school system’s emergency notification system (SchoolCast) will be used to notify employees and parents of closings, delays, and dismissals as an additional method of communication.


3. Parents are reminded that when schools are on a one or two hour delay, there is a possibility that school could still be called off for the entire day. Therefore, parents should not drop children off at school until the appropriate starting time.


4. On days when students are released early, decisions may require immediate action; therefore, parents are asked to have a plan in place so that children know where to be delivered by bus or who will be picking them up. This will alleviate concern on the part of the children and allow school phone lines to remain open for emergencies.


5. Parents should note that when school is dismissed early due to bad weather, middle and high school bus routes will be run first. Elementary school routes will be run as soon as middle and high school routes are complete. High school students that drive will be dismissed as soon as the early dismissal decision is made.


6. Unless the specific announcement is made stating central office is open, it is closed.


C. Essential staff (maintenance, custodial) will report on all days, if at all possible. Phillip Graham will make the decision. Their major work will be to do whatever is needed to reopen schools as soon as possible (sidewalks, parking lots, check heating systems, etc.).


D. In most cases, the Extended School Program (ESP) will not be altered by weather. Rebecca Thomas will provide additional information to principals. Efforts will be made to include ESP status as a part of the public announcements.




Employee Procedures for Closings Due to Weather

Staff Classification School Closed Central Office Open School Closed Central Office Closed

Central Office Staff Report on regular schedule Do not report to work unless instructed by Director of Schools.

System Maintenance Report on regular schedule Operations Supervisor will report at the regular time unless instructed otherwise by the Director. Other maintenance will report at the discretion of the Supervisor.

School Administration Report to work as usual Abbreviated work schedule On-Call Report as Needed

Day Porters Report on regular schedule On-Call Report as Needed

Night Porters Report at 8:00 a.m. for regular shift On-Call Report as Needed


All Central Office Staff, System Maintenance, School Administrators, and Day Porters report to work as usual on delayed opening schedule. All teachers and school staffs will also report to work at the regular time on a delayed opening schedule as circumstances permit.

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